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Height? <{{block.height}}>
Timestamp (UTC)
Block timestamp displayed as UTC.
The timestamp correctness it up to miner, who mined the block.
{{ block.timestamp | amFromUnix | amUtc | amDateFormat:'YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss' }} ({{block.timestamp | amFromUnix | amUtc | timeAgo}})
"major version"."minor version"
Simply, it means how difficult it is to find a solution for the block.
More specifically, it`s mathematical expectation for number of hashes someone needs to calculate in order to find a correct nonce value solving the block.
Last block difficulty is often considered as current network difficulty.
{{block.difficulty | number}}
True, if the block belongs to an alternative chain.
In such case all the transactions, excluding coinbase, are removed from the block back to transaction pool to be included in another block. It means there is no reward for the miner.
{{block.orphan_status ? "yes" : "no"}}
Transactions? {{block.transactions.length | number}}
Total transactions size, bytes
Cumulative size of all transactions in the block, including coinbase.
In case it's exceeding 'effective txs median' the reward penalty occurs and therefore miner receives less reward.
{{block.transactionsCumulativeSize | number}}
Total block size, bytes
Size of the whole block, i.e. block header plus all transactions.
<total block size> = <block header> + <total transactions size>
{{block.blockSize | number}}
Current txs median, bytes? {{block.sizeMedian | number}}
Effective txs median, bytes
Bounded from below median value that is actually used to calculate penalty.
More specifically, <effective median> = max(<current median>, 20000)
{{block.effectiveSizeMedian | number}}
Reward penalty
Penalty for exceeding the median.
<penalty> = (<total transactions size> / <effective tx median> − 1) ^ 2
No penalty if total transactions size is less then effective median.
Penalty is near 100% if total txs size is twice the effective median. Greater blocks are not allowed.
{{block.penalty * 100 | number}}%
Base Reward
Base value for calculating the block reward. Does not depend on how many transactions are included into the block.
Also, this is how many coins the miner would receive if the block contains only coinbase transaction.
{{block.baseReward | asCoinUnits:selected_pool_stats.coin_units | number: coin_unit_fraction}}
Transactions fee? {{block.totalFeeAmount | asCoinUnits:selected_pool_stats.coin_units | number: coin_unit_fraction}}
Actual amount of coins the miner received for finding the block.
<reward> = <base reward> × (1 − <penalty>) + <transactions fee>
{{block.reward | asCoinUnits:selected_pool_stats.coin_units | number: coin_unit_fraction}}
Total coins in the network
Cumulative amount of coins issued by all the blocks in blockchain from the
genesis and up to this block.
{{block.alreadyGeneratedCoins | asCoinUnits:selected_pool_stats.coin_units | number: coin_unit_fraction}}
Total transactions in the network
Cumulative number of transactions in the blockchain, from the
genesis block and up to this block.
{{block.alreadyGeneratedTransactions | number}}


Hash Fee ({{selected_pool.ticker}}) Total amount ({{selected_pool.ticker}}) Size
{{transaction.hash}} {{transaction.fee | asCoinUnits:selected_pool_stats.coin_units | number: coin_unit_fraction}} {{transaction.amount_out | asCoinUnits:selected_pool_stats.coin_units | number: coin_unit_fraction}} {{transaction.size}}
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